Jane Cleary is a Freelance Front-end Developer & Designer with over 15 years of experience in the technology sector. She has worked on a wide range of projects from corporate websites & online stores to small businesses and start-ups. She provides a global full-service design and development studio. She has worked in San Francisco, Paris and currently resides in Barcelona. Her skill set ranges from front-end development & web design to UI/UX solutions. She provides stylish, affordable, responsive & user-friendly websites that are equally efficient and affordable. Her aim is to satisfy each client's unique requirements and goals, providing solutions to increase their online presence and success stories.

  • Over 15 years of experience designing & developing websites.
  • From web design, usability & development to maintenance & SEO
  • Provide solutions for each client & increase their online presence
  • Set up new website domain, hosting, SEO and track website data.


Website Design

I Create stylish websites that suits your business needs, big or small. All my designs are responsive, insuring your website is compatible on all devices & mobile phones.

UI / UX Design

I create site specific Sitemaps and wireframes for your website including UX layout and design to help you create the best user experience for your website.


I provide Front-end development services to build your website. I also work with other developers to create Content Management systems &, e-commerce solutions.

Set-up & Support

From purchase and set-up of your domain, hosting & email services, to providing quality advice & support before, during and after your project.

SEO & Marketing

SEO services to insure your content & search keywords are effective and building your web presence. I add and manage mailing lists to keep your clients up to date.


I provide ongoing support, maintenance and guidance to insure your website content is up to date and complies with todays web standards, allowing you to focus on your buisiness.


Tina Claffey - Photographer

Tina Claffey

Website Design, Development, Domain, Hosting & E-Mail set up & Maintenance.

I created a portfolio site to showcase Tina Claffey's photography work, video documentaries, exhibitions, awards, media articles and book publishings.

  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.
  • Online Photography lightbox gallery
  • Showcase video documentaries and media publications
  • Create an email list campaign and manage mailing list
  • Set-up domain, hosting, email & data tracking
  • Manage updates and maintenance of her website

"Jane is an absolute professional and so easy to work with. Her intuitive instinct for my website needs and attention to detail were first class. My online presence is now reaching an international audience and has helped hugely in promoting my photography, exhibitions and book."

Tina Claffey - Photographer
Community WOsdom Partners - Consultants

Community Wisdom Partners

Website Design, Development, Domain, Hosting & E-Mail set up & Maintenance.

Created website and brand identity for social consultant firm.

  • Create business consultant's website
  • Content organisation & UI/UX
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.
  • Showcase Training and online Coaching services
  • Set-up domain, hosting & email
  • Manitenance of website & email server

"Jane has been a pleasure to work with. She has years of experience, and it shows, when it comes to organising the companies information for our website. She also trained us on updating the website, which we now maintain ourselves."

Katinka - Community WIsdom Partners
Rachel Murphy Mannix - Painter

Rachel Murphy Mannix

Website Design, Development, Domain, Hosting & E-Mail set up & Maintenance.

  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.
  • Create online gallery of paintings
  • Reflexive website with lightbox gallery
  • Set-up domain, hosting & email

"This was my first website, and Jane made the whole process so easy from collecting images and creating and organising content I needed. I would be happy to work with her again. "

Rachel Murphy Mannix - Painter.
Renault Homepage Renault Avantime

Renault - Proxicom / Dimension Data

Front-end Development

Worked on Renault's multi-lingual website, while working with Proxicom in Paris, France. Hand-coded website pages, templates & banners with DHTML & CSS. Creating, Loading and updating content for dynamic site using Broadvision database & PVCS. Creating multi-lingual fields, importing/exporting content for translation in four languages. Slicing for image production, making animated banner, updating documentation and training new staff.

  • Creating pages & templates using DHTML & CSS.
  • Managing content with Broadvision database
  • Import and export content for translation
  • Client relations
  • PVCS version control
  • Image production for multi-lingual templates
  • Animating banners
Moms On-Line
Sim City

Ad-hoc / Proxicom / Dimension Data

Front-end Developer / Creative Technician

Clients: Renault, Sim City, Toyota, Prudential California, Disney Resorts, AOL, Network Solutions, Oxygen & Day Runner.

I worked with Ad-hoc in Sausalito, California, who later merged with Proxicom. I worked as a front-end developer on numerous websites an e-commerce projects, during my 4 years working there. I was responsible for hand coding HTML / DHTML & CSS and manipulating javascript code. I was also involved in the art production & quality assurance process. I also animated banners and ads, using flash and fireworks.

In 2000, I transfered to their Paris office, to work on the Renault project in 4 languages. It involved coding in HTML / DHTML, CSS, and content, image and script management using Broadvision & PVCS.

  • Hand coding websites with HTML/DHTML & CSS.
  • Q.A
  • Animating banners using fireworks & Flash
  • Training Front-end Team for Toyota Project
  • Broadvision, PVCS & Access on Renault Project
  • Art Production
  • Updating & Archiving Documentation

One Mom's Battle

Brochure design

Created this two-sided brochure for One Mom's Battle. The Brochure was created using Photoshop. The client wanted an eye-catching image with some basic text on the front, with the back displaying more detailed content.

Jackpot Games - Issimedia

Website Re-Design

Re-Design of Jackpot Games Gaming website. Involved in the total re-design of the homepage, logo and inner pages. I also worked on the UI/UX for it's four step regristration process.

Milimetro 925

Fllash Website Design & Development

Designed & animated this Jewelery website, to showcase the extensive jewelery designed by Milimetro 925.


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